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clearance and services

We have highly qualified brokers in clearing all transactions at all customs of the State of Kuwait, whether imported or exported goods, as well as delegates of a high degree and efficiency in dealing with customers, departments and government agencies concerned with clearing these transactions and ready to bring the required approvals and releases as soon as they are requested from any party and the service is 24 hours

internal transportation

We have all the cars required for the internal transportation process from the Kuwaiti ports or warehouses and to and from any destination in the State of Kuwait (Trails (top - sides) - Lorry - Half Lorry
– Lubedat .... etc.) and is fully prepared to receive all types of goods (direct) as we have all the equipment, cranes and workers required for any purpose of loading and unloading goods at any time

external transport

We have all trucks prepared for this purpose to and from the State of Kuwait and all Arab countries at any time. We also have agents approved by us to complete all procedures for our customers (clearance - shipping - transportation - following up customs procedures ... etc.) in all Arab countries.

the prices

Our prices are more competitive than the prices of other companies with the same field. This will be clear when you provide us with a price offer and compare it with other companies.

Why Choose Us
As Provider

We agree with our clients on the transport and dispatch procedures. All prime movers as well as the tankers, containers or flat beds are jointly inspected before and after every trip.
Our clients inform us on a quarterly basis about the number of prime mover we should have available for their

transportation requirements at all times. The information will be given to us 10 working days ahead of the specific quarter. We make sure that all prime movers and drivers within the announced period are available at any time.

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